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Anonymous said: Tom, how did you know that photography was for you? Did you ever consider a regular desk job? Did fears ever effect you in relation to how you would make a living from it? I'm 24, graduated last year and I love photography as a hobby and have done for over 3 years. On paper, I'm doing pretty well- great salary, working as a lawyer for an Oil Company. Unfortunately I just feel a bit out of place with the 9-5 - it feels like corporate servitude... it sucks...

Hey, sorry for the delayed response to this ask.

I have always enjoyed photography and art, my Grandpa was an illustrator and I was greatly influenced by him from a young age. Prior to University I had never considered making a living out of my creativity. In a panicked few months I landed in a four year course studying Graphic Design. I enjoy my photography and I am able to make a living from it - as far as I’m concerned that’s all I need to justify that it’s right for me.

I used to want to get into PR and marketing but that idea was shattered after exams in secondary school. I have fears almost everyday about my future in photography and how I will be able to grow but that fear motivates me and fortunately I have a huge amount of ambition that drives me to succeed in what I do. 

Nobody can tell you what’s right or what to do. You have to assess that. I know people who have worked in oil for years and then left after they have realised they have a stronger platform in photography and the hunger to go for it. I would recommend staying at your job and trying to expand your photography in your spare time and see what happens, taking it full time could ruin the hobby for you. 


A few weeks back I headed down to Cardiff to shoot with the guys in Astroid Boys for a feature on the Hundreds blog in some of the brands latest garments from their new range. 

Check it out here

Tommy-Lee // Models1 // Shoreditch

Tommy-Lee Winkworth // Models1 // Shoreditch



This is Lizzie Harrison, founder of sustainable clothing brand Antiform. For our forthcoming debut issue (which you can get notified about if you sign up to our email newsletter), we interviewed Lizzie about her work and commissioned Tom Joy to take some wonderful shots of Lizzie and…

Recent promo shots for Lagom Magazine with fashion designer Lizzie Harrison which will feature in their debut issue this month. Really excited to see this all come together. 

Bubbles at Red Bull // Beacons Festival 2014

Beacons Festival 2014 // Sunday

Sunday arrived and so did the rain so pretty much no atmosphere shots from the day. I covered a Aartekt, Dixon, Shapes, PBR Streetgang, Crazy P Soundsystem, Neneh Cherry with Rocketnumbernine, Cate Le Bon and Darkside.

Beacons Festival 2014 // Saturday pt. 2

Second set of highlights from Saturday including Special Request, Erol Alkan, Joy Orbison, Jon Hopkins, Mavrick and general atmosphere shots from the evening.

Beacons Festival 2014 // Saturday

Saturday was likely the best day of the festival from my perspective. We had awesome sunshine all day which allowed for a tonne of atmospheric coverage. Some amazing acts during the night again including Jon Hopkins, Jackmaster, Dusky, Erol Alkan, Special Request, Huxley, Joy Orbison and loads more. [Second set to come]